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Trek Fics

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Fan fiction from all incarnations of Star Trek

Welcome to Trek Fics, the community for all Star Trek fanfic!

* Fic from any and all incarnations of Star Trek, including the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, animated Trek, the expanded universe, and all the movies

* Crossovers

* Original characters and AUs

* Het, gen, slash, and femslash of any and all pairings

* Fic rated G to NC-17

* Fic discussion, recs, and beta requests

* Re-posting of older Trek fic

When in doubt, remember: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination!

1 - All fic longer than 100 words must be put behind a cut.

2 - All fic must include an appropriate header, including series, characters/pairings, rating, word count, warnings (if applicable), and a summary. Spoiler warnings must be included for anything based on recently-released films/books/comics, and all spoilers must be behind a cut!

3 - Any fic (beyond the header) rated NC-17 must be posted behind an LJ-cut.

4 - Use community tags when posting. All fic should be tagged by series/movie. If you need a tag that hasn't been created, feel free to PM one of the mods.

5 - RPF is only allowed if at least one actual Trek character appears in the fic (ex - Q decides to drop George Takei on the bridge of the Enterprise). Otherwise, no. There are plenty of other comms for this.

6 - All feedback and discussion should be respectful. No flames or other unseemly behavior will be tolerated.

7 - Have fun! :D

All questions and comments can be directed to the Welcome Post. Feel free to visit our Dreamwidth mirror community!

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